Handleless kitchens are made for contemporary lifestyles. There is choice ranging from carefully configured units designed to accept recessed rails for a True Handleless design, to sculpted J-profile doors for a more unified appearance. However, these kitchen styles are merely the start, explore all the handleless options offered below to find out how expansive Hinged luxury contract kitchens are.


Bedroom Styles


To complete the interior design of the entire home, Hinged can offer fitted bedroom furniture. This ties together the style of the home and offers practical storage. 

Apex Doors

Apex doors have a similar design to True Handleless kitchens, in that the cabinets for this design are specially configured to accept recessed rails. Apex doors provide even more of an integrated approach through their reverse chamfer detailing. A flat, painted rail is incorporated to provide purchase so the Apex door can be opened. By having the flat rail as a base, a space is made by the gap that is created from the surface of the rail and the doors sloped internal edge. The edge of the door that is acting as the handle is narrowest at the top and widens to the full width of the door creating an A shape. This allows the door to be opened by enabling a hand to fit behind and push the door open from behind.

In-Frame Kitchens

For a classic, elegant kitchen, the Hinged In-frame range is an exceptional choice of luxury contract kitchens. Explore this kitchen door collection for a completely bespoke kitchen.

Push-to-Open Kitchens

Push-to-open mechanisms provide a contemporary feel to the room, extending the modern design to the actual operation of the kitchen. This removes the need for gaps and offers a continuous, unwavering presence. Any style of slab door can be implemented to create this luxury, Push-to-open contract kitchen. The colours and finishes are chosen to suit the feel of the home that is being cultivated.

True Handleless Doors

True Handleless kitchens are created for a seamless, flawless look. Specially engineered cabinets are constructed to accept rails in order to result in uninterrupted lines and a fluid design. These Germanic style kitchens are minimal and striking, creating contemporary and powerful designs. This style of contract kitchen is perfect for sculpting a design for a minimalist lifestyle. It leaves no room for unnecessary additions or flourishes and offers an ultra-modern feel. 

Linear Kitchens

If you are looking for a more conventional design, Linear kitchens provide a wide selection of lay-on door styles, so you can create either a modern or traditional kitchen.

J-Profile Kitchens

Door styles with integrated handles offer a beautiful, sculpted appearance. The J-profile shape acts as a built-in handle, moving away from traditional design to a modern, Handleless kitchen. This style of design creates a seamless flow, ensuring an effortless feel to the home. With multiple J-profile doors available for contract kitchens, this provides plenty of options when it comes to choosing colours and finishes. 


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