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Atven Property Ltd approached Hinged to help them renovate the kitchen in this four-bedroom Victorian townhouse based in Newquay. Together, they worked to an extremely tight timeframe for completion, due to previous delays.
The rest of the property was renovated by the award-winning team, Waistcoat and Badger Interiors, who aimed to retain several of the original features whilst also adding a luxurious finish.


Dean Martin worked with the developers to create this real wood beaded Shaker Kitchen painted in beautiful Mussel. The kitchen is a brilliant juxtaposition of traditional and modern design. This is exemplified in design and colour choices that include the classic antique gold cup and knob handles and dramatic black and gold pendant lighting that illuminates the island. The modern white walls and light Quartz worktop contrast with the rustic stone feature wall and traditional shaker style doors.  Each detail has been meticulously considered so that all elements of the room are balanced and complementary.

The breakfast bar island is the focal point of the kitchen and features seating on each side as well as storage making it a practical as well as exceptionally social space. The addition of plug sockets extend its practicality further.

The cabinetry was custom-designed by Dean Martin to house the freestanding range cooker and American-style fridge freezer and has been finished with traditional cornice and tongue and groove panelling. The extractor fan is aesthetically concealed behind a custom unit.

Luxury renovation


When the developers had bought the property, they thought the seemingly intact kitchen would be the last part of their project. Unfortunately, as the kitchen door fell off in their hands, they realised this room required more attention than they initially thought. Between the surprise damp and the shape of the galley kitchen, they knew they needed something new. They wanted a space that would have more seating and to enhance the social area. “[The Original] design for the kitchen was scuppered when the foundations by the builder were put in the wrong place. Dean came in and did a complete redesign to complement the space we had to work with. Hinged were great”.


Hinged worked alongside North Peak Carpentry to create and implement a design that channelled the developer’s vision for the finished property.

The developers of Our Cornish Townhouse were very impressed with how fast the turnaround time was from design to order to fit. Dean Martin’s design allowed them to save money whilst also achieving a quality restoration that exudes luxury and exceeded their expectations.

Luxury renovation
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