For a design that has scope for experimentation and personalisation within the kitchen, the Hinged Team offers the Linear collection. Such an eclectic range ensures wide choice and flexibility of kitchen design so they will suit all the homes or developments these kitchens are installed in.

Linear kitchens consist of door styles such as slab and shaker. These doors are the most typical kitchen styles available from Hinged and are ideal for adding simple, personal touches. This can be achieved through the choice of handles, worktops or appliances, which can all completely transform and individualise the space. By adding these small, particular choices this contributes to the creation of luxury, contract kitchens. 

With such a diverse range, this enables the opportunity for upgrades. Whether customers would like a pantry unit added or appliances of their choice, all these door styles are of such quality that any upgrade option can be implemented with ease.

Any style of contract kitchen can be created with linear kitchens. All it takes is a few choice accessories to transform the space or alternatively, Linear doors can be fused together in a design by including more than one door style. By mixing and matching door styles, this allows the kitchen to be completely unique.

Handleless Kitchens

Handleless kitchens are sleek, modern and seamless. A design that is cutting edge in both aesthetic and technology is effortlessly created by Hinged with every Handleless, luxury, contract kitchen that is designed.

Modern, minimal styles can be designed using slab doors or a more traditional approach can be taken by alternatively choosing shaker doors. Even with shaker styles alone there is opportunity to create anything from a classic kitchen design all the way through to a modern style. The feel of the design is largely down to how the shaker door is styled, and the colour chosen, rather than the actual look of the door. However, some door styles are more easily incorporated into a modern or traditional themed kitchen design. This is also true for slab styles, with the extensive choice of finishes, colours and designs available, the use of slab doors can be created to result in an ultra-modern kitchen, or even a more minimal, Nordic style kitchen. Through the Hinged Team’s expertise in design and extensive product range, developers are offered limitless opportunity to create luxury, contract kitchens through the Linear range. 

In-Frame Kitchens

For a classic, elegant kitchen, the Hinged In-frame range is an exceptional choice of luxury contract kitchens. Explore this kitchen door collection for a completely bespoke kitchen.

Bedroom Styles

To complete the interior design of the entire home, Hinged can offer fitted bedroom furniture. This ties together the style of the home and offers practical storage.


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