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Hinged Kitchens & Bedrooms UK


While superior kitchen quality is a distinguishing feature of the Hinged experience, it is the exceptional service offered that defines Hinged. Backed by one of the UK’s leading kitchen manufacturers, the Director of Hinged, Dean, brings with him invaluable experience in manufacturing, construction and design.


Dean and his team work closely with contractors to provide a bespoke service that offers support and advice in all stages and aspects of the project. As Hinged is familiar with passive and eco homes, the knowledge gained from this experience is used to create kitchen designs that work efficiently within these environments. The Hinged Team ensures each project is delivered in an accurate and timely manner, overcoming issues that arise through problem-solving and adapting to change. 

While kitchens are the original focus of Hinged, Dean has expanded this business to encompass bedrooms and living furniture. The Hinged Team offers in-depth advice on each element of design from the very conception of the development and oversees every step of the project. This ensures all kitchens, bedrooms and items of bespoke furniture fit seamlessly within the home. Early collaboration with contractors enables insight into how each element of the home will interact with each other, resulting in educated decisions that are compliant with building regulations from the outset.

Hinged offers designs that are innovative, working to set a precedent within luxury kitchens. When creating kitchen designs, boundaries are pushed by introducing original designs and reaching solutions through inventive product development. By using bespoke cabinetry for each kitchen, this ensures quality materials are used throughout, leaving no doubt of the calibre of Hinged kitchens and bedrooms.  

Real wood drawers, engraved with the Hinged logo.
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