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Hinged Kitchens & Bedrooms UK
Step 1: Initial conversaton about the kitchen project.



The first stage of obtaining a kitchen or other living area from Hinged involves an initial conversation to discuss the project, what is required and how Hinged can be involved to achieve this outcome. To ensure you receive the most effective service, these initial conversations should take place around six to eight months prior to the development’s commencement.


Hinged offers a service with varying degrees of involvement based upon the level of work that is required. Completely personalised on a case-by-case basis, every experience with Hinged is unique. However, no matter what you are looking for, each service is comprehensive and stress-free. Whilst no customer or development is the same, a broad outline of the service offered is outlined below to provide an idea of what your Hinged experience will be like.

Step 2: tender for the kitchen project.



Following the initial conversation, an in-depth meeting is scheduled. This is where Hinged will ask for the project to be detailed more thoroughly and parameters for the design established. Hinged will ask for the development’s location and request that the target demographic is advised. Developers will be asked to outline the criteria they are looking to fill, what the budget and its allocation is and advise the type of tender they had in mind.


Following this meeting, Hinged puts the tender package together for the client. The tender package is compiled based on the plan provided by the client and the outcomes and goals identified in the previous meeting. CGI images, plans and a cost summary of the design are provided.

Step 3: Offer additional services for the kitchen project.



Once the basic design is accepted, pre-let meetings and pre-contract meetings are arranged. After these appointments have been made, Hinged can discuss the additional services and options available. These services include a meet and greet with potential end customers. During these meetings, upgrades and extras are offered in the living areas Hinged has designed. Once the potential home buyer identifies the additional items and upgrades they’d like, this is confirmed either directly with the potential buyer or through the developer, and a deposit is taken. The deposit aids in finalising the sale of the property, alongside the effort put in by the Hinged Team to promote the development.

Step 4: kitchen delivery.



Once the designs have been confirmed with relevant upgrades incorporated, the kitchens or other fitted interiors can be ordered. All orders can be placed immediately with delivery arranged on an individual, plot-by-plot basis. All deliveries are checked by Hinged staff when they arrive, to ensure all items are present and correct. With Hinged’s main supplier located only around one and a half hours outside of Cornwall, the remedial turnaround time for stock items is rapid.

kitchens guaranteed to last



An exceptional after sales service is provided following the installation of fitted kitchens or interiors. The Hinged Team is on hand to provide support and assistance for any issues that may arise after the deliveries and installation. To ensure customers have access to all relevant information following the installation of the kitchen or other fitted furniture, a House User Guide (HUG) is provided. This contains relevant warrantees, manuals, maintenance tips and product codes.

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