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Custom Developments are a company who deal in limited, high-end developments. Each home is designed with aesthetic and quality in mind. Dan Herman, the face of Custom Developments, aims to ensure quality is maintained, whilst sourcing as much as possible from local businesses. Dan’s homes are designed with integrity and excellence at their core, which often results in local and quality products being chosen over a reduced price tag.

This project was one of the kitchens featured within a two-home development. Four more kitchens for a new plot of houses are due for delivery in November.

Was there any particular challenges you experienced working on this design? If so, how did you overcome them?

I found that one of the biggest challenges working on this development was integrating the worktops into the windowsill. I initially worked from base drawings, which were consequently followed up with site visits to make sure everything was congruent and worked as I’d envisioned.

When integrating the worktop into the windowsill, we had to take this into consideration very early on within the entire project. It took a lot of anticipatory planning, the design needed to be worked out before the windows were ordered, which meant liaising with Dan very early on in the project. Window sizes had to be ordered correctly, and the height needed to be worked out before the floors went down. We worked alongside Duke Stone of Cornwall to source the correct worktop material for this project. This company was chosen as we’ve used them previously and knew they’d have the experience required to fit the integrated worktop.

Contemporary luxury kitchens

Have you ever designed anything like this before? Did you have many specifications to work with or were you asked to provide ideas to the client?

I’ve designed kitchens for Custom Developments in the past, however this is the first Push-to-open kitchen they’ve ordered. Both of the kitchens within this two-home development were designed with a similar look in mind. The kitchen, whilst impressive, was designed with elegant simplicity to fit effortlessly within the rest of the homes design and décor. Neutral colours were employed to provide a design that appealed to a wide range of tastes. However, to fit in with the reserved, delicate décor choices included throughout the rest of the home, a mirrored plinth was used on the back units to create a refined, floating effect.

Custom Developments required the kitchen specifications to match the calibre of each home within their new builds. Taking this into consideration, I was able to make recommendations and provide designs for each kitchen in conjunction with the size, price point and number of occupants expected within each house.

Dan has his own style, which I’ve become familiar with throughout our working relationship. Due to this, I was able to provide designs and suggestions which I was confident he would like. However, this was the first Custom Developments project I’ve suggested a completely Push-to-open design for. As this is a style Dan had not opted for before in his developments, I wasn’t sure if he would agree with the idea. Nonetheless, I suggested it as I felt the luxurious, seamless design would complement this laid back, contemporary new build. Dan liked this design and saw it fitting with the design of the development.

This familiarity with his preferences and the expertise I could offer him, is just part of the reason he chooses to have his kitchens supplied by us. Another aspect is the quality of our products and the fact that we supply local kitchens. The overall package we offer, and our high level of project management provides value to developers like Custom Developments.

Contemporary luxury kitchens
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