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Situated a short drive from Truro, this beautiful five-bedroom home features panoramic views of the River Fal. The homeowner, a long-standing client of Hinged, has entirely transformed their residential property. The spectacular transformation includes the addition of an east-facing extension and full renovation of the remainder of the building.

Hinged worked in collaboration with the clients to create a spacious open-plan kitchen that flows seamlessly through to the dining and living spaces. The client’s choices, a bespoke brass and Italian marble dining table, Frato dining chairs, and barstools with Hermes finishings, create an exquisite, contemporary and cohesive feel.


This kitchen is nothing short of magnificent.  Inspiration was drawn from the Monterey Cypress trees that surround this impressive property and lead to the water’s edge.  This bespoke Handleless kitchen in Smoked Riffian Oak with glazed cabinets is outlined with solid brass, custom-made by Andrew Nebbett Designs. The luxury aura is complimented further by the dovetail drawer boxes, Walnut cutlery and wine drawers which were installed.  Each brass door was specifically designed for these clients by the team at Hinged and collaboration with Andrew Nebbett. This included a unique hinge system.

The focal point of this inspiring space is the vast island in the heart of the kitchen. This spacious, six-seater spectacle goes beyond expectations. Made from 20mm Vancouver Quartzite Granite, the top has been mitred, making the island 200mm thick. Every measure has been taken to ensure each vein runs into another, creating the seamless appearance of one solid piece.

Standing on the opposing side of this split-level island, you are met with a wide range of the highest-quality appliances. From a Gaggenau Teppanyaki Plate 400 Series to a Gaggenau BBQ grill, these clients have the means to create cuisine from all over the world. The controls for each element have been built into the granite itself, contributing to the modern and minimalistic aura of the room. All drawers and doors are handleless, opened with a simple push.

Bespoke storage is abundant in this space. Along the room's rear are full-height cabinets and drawers housing the prestigious Gaggenau appliances, a Gaggenau built-in dishwasher and hiding a custom push-to-open spacious larder.


The team at Hinged have incorporated two sets of large pocket doors discretely into the kitchen. These serve both an intentional and playful purpose, seamlessly sliding into the side of the cabinets.  As you enter the room from the entrance hall, you first encounter the large bar unit with Walnut glass and bottle holders stored in the soft-close drawers beneath.  This cabinet has been embellished with a splashback and shelf to match the island and bespoke brass rails. This ensures each unique element of the kitchen continues to tie in with the overall aesthetic.

Walking further down the wall of full-height cabinets, you will find a second set of pocket doors. Upon opening them, you reveal a unique coffee station with a Quooker boiling water tap and a high-end Gaggenau coffee machine. Following the bar cabinet, this bespoke section of the kitchen is encased in brass rails and accentuated by Vancouver Quartzite Granite.

True to the nature of the rest of the kitchen, some of the doors are not as they seem. Two secret doors lie between the tall units. One transports you through to the Butler’s pantry, and the other gives access to the conservatory at the rear of the property. These doors can be pushed or pulled open, achieved through hidden spring pivot fixings. Brass outlines these doors, allowing them to blend with the rest of the room.

Nothing about this kitchen is standard, from the hidden entrances to the lighting. The team at Hinged had to create new unit designs to allow the strip lights to run continuously in the glazed units. Not only that, but Hinged also worked closely with the electrician on site. This ensured the lighting throughout the room was in the correct position and complemented the kitchen and furniture.

Luxurious Residential Kitchen


A luxury kitchen deserves appliances that match. Hinged is one of few showrooms in the South West that is a Gaggenau partner. Gaggenau appliances carry a certain prestige that fits perfectly in this space. This kitchen features various appliances, from two Single Gaggenau Vario 400 Series Ovens and Su Chef Warming Drawers to the Miele Cool Larder Push-to-Open Fridge and two Quooker boiling water taps. Above the grand island is a custom-made Barazza Extractor Unit, designed specifically for the Vario Hobs fitted below. Every aspect of the extractor was thought about to ensure that the size and motor capacity could handle the performance of the appliances below.


When Dean started the design process, the client needed someone with on-site experience and an understanding of both home and kitchen design. With so many elements coming into play, Dean and his team at Hinged worked closely with this long-standing client and the other trades on site, as almost every aspect of this project was to be custom-made.

The kitchen is a combination of a brilliant vision from the client, 27 years of kitchen design and manufacturing expertise and some fantastic work from our factory team. This combined effort meant Dean was able to make the space as functional and as stunning as it is.

Dean began work on the kitchen design as the large extension was being built. With secret rooms via connecting doors to factor in, Dean spent a lot of time ensuring the end result looked and felt square to the dining room and seating areas. Nothing was easy. Dimensions had to be calculated from rough floor slabs with no tile choices in place, all whilst making sure the whole kitchen finished 10mm shy of the new ceiling line.

Once the layout had been decided, it was time to choose the finishes. Dean and the client had a distinctive look they wanted to achieve from the beginning. The colour combinations for the doors and worktops complimented the solid brass, whilst incorporating in themes from the picturesque scenery to the rear of the property.

One of the more prominent features of this space is the brass edged glazed units. The market is flooded with glazed doors, none of which were quite what Hinged and the customer wanted. With the help of Andrew Nebbett Designs, Dean and Andrew came up with a very special and bespoke product. Once the frame sizing had been decided, Dean worked with Andrew on bespoke hinges that would remain hidden whilst working with the aesthetic of the room.

When it came to deciding upon appliances, there was only one choice. Gaggenau is not only attractive in its design, but the quality is also world-renowned. The team at Hinged incorporated a range of Gaggenau appliances into each area of the kitchen, keeping the design clean and modern whilst maintaining the luxury feel which the client loves.

“The client and I are over the moon with the end result. This wouldn’t have been possible without building a trusting relationship like the one the team at Hinged have with the client, and the hard work and dedication of the fitters and the factory.” Dean Martin - Director of Hinged.

Luxurious Residential Kitchen
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