An Interview With Dean

We caught up with the Director of Hinged, Dean Martin, to find out how Hinged has become a strong, leading presence within the luxury, contracts market.

Can you explain what Hinged is all about?

Fundamentally, I developed Hinged to provide a service to the contract market that is comparable to the service a retail customer who was purchasing a high-end, bespoke kitchen would expect. It’s about bringing organisation and direction to a market and industry that hasn’t experienced that before. Hinged was established to provide a one-to-one, personal approach that offers the contract market a bespoke service that is unique to this industry.

What are your roots within the kitchen industry?

My experience within the kitchen industry stems from kitchen fitting in Spain, where I began my training in 1996. I continued working as a fitter for 5 years. After this I moved back to the UK, settling in Cornwall. I had acquired a knee injury at this point, which prompted me to go to college and study Technical Perspective Drawing and Draftsmanship. After this, I joined a small manufacturing company that specialised in bespoke kitchens, where I gained sales and management skills. Eventually I went on to take over management of this company. Throughout my time here I made it a priority to take part in groundwork, building, running machinery and in-frame cabinetry, so I had a full overview and understanding of each component of the business. Following on from this, I went to work within the higher end, bespoke market, as a Manager and Senior Showroom Designer where I stayed for six years. Finally, after leaving this role, I initiated Hinged.

Where did you get the idea of Hinged from?

The idea of Hinged originated from my experience of working and serving the contracts industry and the retail, bespoke kitchens market. Over the years, I saw there was a gap the contracts market. Projects that required higher calibre kitchens were struggling to receive the service and product they required at the right price. In order to offer an appropriate price point for luxury kitchens designed with the contracts market in mind, I created a business that was able to identify and source the right products at the right price.

What do you envision for the future of Hinged?

I hope to see the area in which we operate expand and offer the same products and services to a wider audience.

What do you attribute to the success of Hinged?

It’s all down to knowledge and experience. By having key members of staff that offer vast experience dealing with new products and partners, this ensures they are equipped to take on development management. Experienced and industry knowledgeable staff ensured that a new business and concept such as Hinged, could successfully launch and make a mark upon the industry.

What’s the driving force behind Hinged?

I am driven by those who I have met and learnt from within the kitchen industry. My passion for Hinged is a result of the individuals who have influenced, taught and encouraged me. I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved with Hinged and what we can offer and provide to each customer. I’m passionate about what I do and know I can say that no matter the project or customer, myself and rest of the Hinged Team can say we’ve done our best.


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