Bedrooms Styles


To complete the interior design of the entire home, Hinged can offer fitted bedroom furniture. This ties together the style of the home and offers practical storage. 

This style of kitchen is designed to appeal to end customer's exact specifications and personal preferences. Once the basic design for the In-frame kitchen is established, the Hinged Team can work alongside the potential buyer to include the additional features that really express their personality. 

The Hinged Team specialise in designing these elite, In-frame kitchens. Experts in tailoring kitchens to suit both the developers and end customer's needs, this ensures quality, beautiful kitchens that are created with detailed consideration.

Handleless Kitchens

Handleless kitchens are sleek, modern and seamless. A design that is cutting edge in both aesthetic and technology is effortlessly created by Hinged with every Handleless, luxury, contract kitchen that is designed.

With painted doors available or the option of a more natural look with oak or walnut, there is plenty of scope to create a kitchen that fits exactly within the era of the home. The doors and frames within this range offer the choice of either a grained or smooth finish, in order to lend a modern or traditional feel to the style of kitchen. The In-frame range additionally offers a choice of shaker or slab styles, which contribute to developing the ambience of the design.  

The very nature of these In-frame kitchens is unique, with several styles available. Whether you are looking to create a traditional, farmhouse effect or alternatively aiming to design a modern, quirky kitchen, this range of In-frame kitchens is versatile enough to create any of these looks. Each kitchen offers a design that emanates structure and provides a strong presence regardless of door style.

Linear Kitchens

If you are looking for a more conventional design, Linear kitchens provide a wide selection of lay-on door styles, so you can create either a modern or traditional kitchen.


In-frame kitchens are perfect for idyllic barn conversions or period property renovations. The handcrafted and real wood quality of these doors ensure strength of character is only increased with time. Every home is different, especially those that offer age. Each element of Hinged In-frame kitchens is completely bespoke, which ensures that no matter the shape of the home, your kitchen will be perfectly moulded to the exact profile of the building. 


In-frame kitchens are designs that offer a door which is fitted within a frame. This provides the option of choosing both the doors intricate detailing and that of the door’s frame. 


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